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Faster. Smarter. Cleaner. Those three words clearly define what Magnum PSI is able to provide to homeowners and small business as it pertains to professional cleaning. Magnum PSI was founded in 2012 with a single pressure washer and one truck servicing residential and small businesses. Due to our partnership with Aeras we are proud to be the first pressure washing company capable of delivering the same services via a patented drone. Utilizing Aeras technology, Magnum PSI is able to provide professional cleaning services never seen before in the industry. Not only can we make your home or small business look brand new but at a much faster and safer route.

Call or email us today to have us bring your home or business back to life!

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Say goodbye to ladders that can damage and leave marks on your building! Our high-powered drones are up to the task. Our patent pending drones have state of the art obstacle avoidance systems to ensure a safe and precise flight.

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